We manufacture wire forms and all types of metal rods

Manufacturing all wire pieces

Tells us the shape you need and we'll manufacture it THE ART OF FORMING WIRE

We desing, mold and manufacture metal wire parts

Computer design
Wire quality
Finished parts

We design templates by computer with Cad-Cam and adaptations proposed design.

We work with iron, stainless steel, iron steel (class A,B,C) and copper.

Painted, lacquered, chrome, galvanized, bichromate, laminated and tempered.


Breda Steel adapts to your needs and projets. We can produce from single to long series.

Pistons machines for parts with tooling and matrix. Robotic machines for manufacture of parts in 3D, cutting and straightening machines.

To ensure the whole process, Breda Steel takes care of the shipping, sent by own transport or agency.

Any work on iron rod:

Cutting and
straightening wire

Manufacture rods
for paint rollers

Manufacture racks, decorative handles, coat hangers, paint hooks and display hook


All kind of pieces
of wire


In Breda Steel, our primary goal is the maximum quality and service in a minimum time delivery to offer everyday, the best service to our customs.

Contact phone
(0034) 972 87 06 32

If you want more information about our services, fill in the form and we'll contact you.


Manufacture all types of metal rods and wire parts

BREDA STEEL · Cal Batlle, nau1 · 17400 BREDA (Girona - SPAIN) · Tel. 0034 972 87 06 32 · Fax 0034 972 87 12 02 Wire straightening

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